Alternative Dublin nights out can be hard to find, but Painting Nights are hard to beat. Painting Nights at the Lantern Centre in Dublin 8 are provided by Visions School of Art for your group (groups of 10 minimum, and 21 maximum). Alternatively, some nights are for non-group bookings and you can get a related discount on the fee if you come as an individual but bring friends (the more friends, the futher the discount – EUR10.00 per 2 friends, free if you bring 6)  upon request, and are social evenings where participants come to explore their creativity, and have the opportunity to have a social evening at the same time. Just go to the contact section of this website to go about arranging one of the Painting Nights for your group, or to inquire about attending as an individual.


Alternative Dublin Nights Out – What Happens at Painting Nights?

Each participant gets a canvas at the beginning of the session. The tutor will provide instruction, but in an informal and relaxed way, making your evening interesting but fun at the same time. The group will be guided step-by-step through painting a specific picture; however, if an individual participant does not want to paint the picture presented, there will be a moment when they can choose to finish the painting using a more imaginative approach. The facilitator of our Painting Nights has designed them so that both options are catered for and facilitated: a straightforward painting lesson for those who would like to take one, or the opportunity to engage with your imagination, if that is your preference.

During these alternative Dublin nights out, all art materials are provided. Nibbles will also be provided as part of the evening, and you can bring along one bottle of wine per person.

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“Night is a curious child, wandering
Between earth and sky, creeping
In windows and doors, daubing
The entire neighborhood
With purple paint.”

                    -Frank Marshall Davis

Alternative Dublin Nights Out: Painting Nights for Your Group:

The price for each painting night is €35 per person, and the evening takes place form 7pm – 9:30pm; the day of the week will be dependant on your request and availability of spaces at The Lantern Centre; however, we usually aim for Friday evenings. The earlier you book a group in before your intended event, the more likely it is that you will be able to get the day of the week that will suit your party. Painting Nights take place in: The Gallery, The Lantern Centre, 15 Synge Street, Dublin 8, and are extremely enjoyable and alternative Dublin nights out.

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