Colour Made Easy 2: Beyond the Colour Wheel


Next workshop Saturday 29th of July 2017, 2pm-4:30pm, EUR45

This is the second part of the “Colour Theory” workshop series. In this module, participants will be introduced to concepts and ways of looking at colour, that go beyond the Colour-Wheel-based approaches introduced in the first workshop.

Topics that will be covered as part of this module will be:

  • 5 Colour Chords/Harmonies/Schemes
  • The Seven Colour Contrasts
  • Identity in Colour
  • Colour Dischord
  • Colour Psychology
  • Spatial Colour
  • Further Reading

This workshop is not only for students that have completed the Colour Theory 1 module, but they will most often be offered as the first and second parts of a day long seminar on Colour Theory, which is priced at €120.