Art and Design Portfolio Preparation Courses

With regards porfolio submissions in Spring 2018, Visions School of Art will provide a Saturday Cork Art Design Portfolio Preparation course, beginning on 16th of September 2017. The course takes place each Saturday 2pm-5pm and is twelve weeks long. It will be EUR360 per student to book a place on the course. Students can renew their attendance at the end of each cycle, if they wish to continue to develop and strengthen their portfolio with us for a further 12 weeks.

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Cork Art Design Portfolio Preparation Course Guidelines:

Using the yearly-revised guidelines provided by 3rd-level Art and Design institutions (usually found on their websites or available from each institute’s administration-office), our Cork Art Design portfolio preparation course will help students to develop a body of work that is up-to-date and appropriate to the specific 3rd-level course that they wish to apply for. The tutor will also optimise the attention given to each page of the portfolio before submission, through strategic use of programming (using a schedule and time-allocation for each section¬† of the portfolio). Students will be required to bring along a printed verstion of the guidelines specific to the 3rd Level course they with to apply to.

 Cork Art Design Portfolio Preparation Course Tutor:

Our Cork Art Design Portfolio Preparation course is taught and faciliatated by Andrew Carroll BA MA Visual Arts Practice (Fine Art) IADT Dun Laoghaire Dip. Design (Univ. of Wales). Andrew also attended the Bachelor of Architecture at DIT Bolton Street (Dublin) for 18 months, and all of the above training and experience has given him a rounded understanding of what is required for individual portfolios.

Any enquiries via our email address, which you will find in the ‘Contact’ section of this website, here

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