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Cork Art Workshops – Visions School of Art:

Visions School of Art provides various Cork art workshops – these  include one-session or short courses in enhancing Creativity, developing Imagination , and Art Techniques. A concept almost always associated with the world of children, Imagination is a realm that adults too can benefit from accessing, often with life-enhancing effect.

“Creativity is not a talent – it’s a way of operating.”

- John Cleese

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What Types of  Art Workshops does Visions provide?

Visions school of Art runs a variety of Cork Art workshops, from the flagship “Access Creativity” to sessions that focus on particular aspects of creativity such as initiative, innovation etc. A whole-day workshop on Colour – how to understand it, how to use it – is also on offer.

Cork Art Workshops Autumn/Winter 2015:

Saturday 26th September 11am – 6pm: ‘Painting From Your Core’ – for more information click here.

Saturday 17th October 11am-5pm: ‘Colour Made Easy’ – for more information click here and here.

Saturday 14th Novermber 11am-5pm: ‘Capturing a Likeness in Drawing a Portrait’

Saturday 12th December 11am -5pm: ‘Elements and Principles of Visual Composition’


Art Workshops on Creativity? What does THAT mean?

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is created (such as an idea, a joke, an artistic or literary work, a painting or musical composition, a solution, an invention etc.). The ideas and concepts so conceived can then manifest themselves in any number of ways, but most often, they become something we can see, hear, smell, touch, or taste. The range of scholarly interest in creativity includes a multitude of definitions and approaches involving several disciplines; psychology, cognitive science, education, philosophy (particularly philosophy of science), technology, theology, sociology, linguistics, business studies, songwriting and economics, taking in the relationship between creativity and general intelligence, mental and neurological processes associated with creativity, the relationships between personality type and creative ability and between creativity and mental health, the potential for fostering creativity through education and training, especially as augmented by technology, and the application of creative resources to improve the effectiveness of learning and teaching processes.

Our Cork Art workshops at are provided with the intention of giving participants basic understandings and insights, that will be tool to be used in creative processes, sometimes for problem-solving purposes, and sometimes for personal expression.

What are the Qualifications of Those who Lead these Cork Art Workshops?

Andrew Carroll, the sole tutor and facilitator at Visions, has a BA and MA in Visual Art Practice (Fine Art). He is also a qualified Interior Designer and on top of this, he studied Architecture at Degree level for 18 months. Further, he has a Level 8 qualification in Group Facilitation through the Arts, and is also very interested in Creative Writing. He has spent 2 years attending creative writing workshops under published Irish poets Caitríona O’ Reilly and Katie Donovan. He is extremely enthusiastic about the creativity workshops, and feels that it is his calling in life to unlock the creativity in others.


for more information on Group Facilitation click here

for the website of Andrew’s professional Visual Art practice, click here