Cork Artist’s Way Course (Based on book by Julia Cameron)

“Andrew has adapted the Artist’s Way in a very unique way for anyone looking to rediscover their imagination and release their creativity. With his well conceived exercises within the safe and playful environment he creates to explore, I found pure joy in allowing myself to create again and the delightful surprise I discovered in what I produced, not knowing it was ever within me! Andrew is a wonderful facilitator and the twelve weeks flashed by in a wonderful journey of self discovery – I so highly recommend Andrew’s course to anyone looking to give themselves permission to create and release their inner artist child!”

                                                                                            – Denise Kennedy, student


Tuesday evenings, 7pm-9pm at our classroom at Long’s Yard, Towr Street, Cork; EUR230 per 12-week course – see here for the next scheduled begin-date for this course.

“The Artist’s Way” is a renowned book by the director and writer Julia Cameron. Based on her own artistic ‘recovery’, as well as her experience teaching and facilitating workshops for others in creative unblocking, the book has become an international phenomenon. Our Cork Artists Way course is based on the book, but provides far more besides – the facilitator, Andrew, is a professional Visual Artist and trained group arts facilitator, and he uses his own, considerable experience in these areas to enhance the lessons contained in the book.

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Cork Artists Way Course: What is Entailed?

Our Cork Artists Way course is broken down into 12 sessions, run over the same amount of weeks, consecutively. Each 2-hour session – based on a chapter from the book – deals with a certain aspect of ‘creative recovery’, guiding participants to become conscious of the habits, creative u-turns and resistences that they might engage in in their daily lives, and that might contribute to a sense of creative ‘blockage’ and frustration. By nominating and becoming conscious of these avoidances, participants can then set about – with a sense of self-compassion – making small changes to their daily and weekly routines; these will yield big results, in the long-term. Around this, the facilitator will create a structure and an ethos of trust and confidentiality among the group, using various tools of group facilitation.

The touchstones of The Artist’s Way are the ‘Morning Pages’ (a type of meditative exercise through writing) and ‘The Artist’s Date’ (where the inner child of each artist is treated to an outing or engaged in an activity that gives it nothing but JOY!). Early on in each Cork Artists Way course, we will use approximately an hour of each session to engage a group creative exercise, amplifying the sense of creative freedom instigated by the ‘Artist’s Date’, and also using imagination to ‘give ideas wings’ in an exploration of the themes covered in the book.

Cork Artists Way Course: Who is the Facilitator?

Andrew Carroll, the director and founder of Visions School of Art, attended IADT Dun Laoghaire, where he attained a BA (Hons.) and MA in Visual Arts Practice (Fine Art). He then went on to train as a Group Arts Facilitator (Level 8) at Crawford School of Art (CIT) in 2012. Andrew’s primary interests have always been in developing a deeper and deeper understanding of the creative process – how to initiate a creative project, and how to keep the ‘ball rolling’ until each project is brought to its conclusion. Andrew designed the Cork Artists Way course because of his respect for Julia Cameron’s teachings, and through of his belief in the underlying principles therein.

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