Upcoming Schedule of Classes/Workshops

Cork City Adult Art Classes with Visions School of Art:

Courses/Workshops for Spring 2018:

  • Life Drawing Practice Sessions: Mondays 7-9pm, €50 per 5 sessions, to be taken within 6 weeks, for flexibility; you can also drop in for EUR20 – unemployed and students can drop-in for EUR10, upon presentation of a valid student/social services card, or they can pay EUR40 for the 5-session option, outlined above.  Sessions can be joined at any time, provided there is space available – just email to inquire: and.carroll@gmai.com. For more information on the sessions, click here. Please note that these sessions continue throughout the Summer months until 14th of August, and recommence in early September.
  • ‘Painting in Acrylics (beginners)’: Wednesdays 7pm-9pm, begins 14th of March. ’18 (you can join this course until the second week). This is a 5-week course, and is EUR85. Further details here
  • The Artist’s Way: (Based on the Book by Julia Cameron). A 12-week course in ‘artistic recovery’ or unblocking, a revitalisation of participants’ personal creative process. Next start date is defered until after April 15th. 2018, due to the fact that Visions will have to move premises by that date. The group will be facilitated by Andrew Carroll, who has completed The Artist’s Way many times over and so has considerable experience of the course. Andrew is also a qualified faciliator, holding a Level 8 qualification in Group Arts Faciliation (Crawford/CIT). Andrew’s approach enhances the teachings of the book with insights from his own experiences as a Visual Artist and with imaginative explorations of the themes brought up in the book: ‘ideas taking flight’ is how we would convey this element of the course: through practical, creative exercises, themes from the book are brought to life in an way that can be directly experienced. 230euros. Maximum of 10 students.  See here for more details

Saturday Workshops for Spring 2018:

  • ‘Introduction to Painting From Your Core’, Sun.18th Feb ’18. ‘Painting From Your Core’ is an approach to developing personal imagery and expression in paint. This is not a skills-based workshop, and students need no prior art-skills training to participate – in fact more experienced painters might have to un-learn their sophisticated skills to get maximum benefit from the workshop. More information here. EUR75, 11am-5pm.
  • ‘Basics of Portrait Drawing’; Sat 10th of February ’18. Learn good technique in approaching acheiving a likeness in portraiture. EUR65, 11am-5pm.
  • Painting Days, Saturday 3rd of March and 7th of April (first Saturday of EVERY month). A great way to get a taste of acrylic painting from the fundamentals, these workshops are suitable for complete beginners.  Materials provided. EUR65, 11am-5pm. See here for more information.
  • Life Drawing Long-Pose, Saturday 17th of March 2pm-7:20pm. An opportunity to draw or even paint from the model who will stay in the same pose for a 4-hour period (times of the session include breaks). EUR40.
  • Fundamental Techniques in Oil Pastels, Saturday 31st of March 11am-5pm. Learn how to use this physical and expressive medium, even in a detailed and refined way. EUR65.

 - email us at the following address: and.carroll@gmail.com with any inquiries about the above, or to book.


Visions School of Art  provide a number of Cork City Adult Art Classes, beginning with ‘Painting in Acrylics: beginners’  at their  studio-classroom on Rutland St, Cork (near St. John’s College).  If you are interested in attending one of these classes, please contact Andrew using the details on our contact page, here. Visions’ Cork City adult art classes will initially include ‘Creative In Nature’ (morning creativity workshops), ‘Painting In Acrylics’ and ‘Fundamentals of Life Drawing’. We may also initiate a Cork edition of our Painting Nights.

All classes at Visions are taught by Andrew Carroll BA MA Visual Arts Practice IADT Dun Laoghaire.

Cork City Adult Art Classes – Further Details:

- ‘Painting (in Acrylics)’ is a painting class that explores the fundamental methods for using ANY painting medium (it just so happens that this class is taught through Acrylics, which is the most versatile painting medium, as well as being the most vivid, as far as colour is concerned). By teaching the class through this straightforward method, Visions will enable you to take your hand to ANY painting medium with more confidence, once you have understood the basic tenets of how paint ‘works’. Find out more about this Painting class here.

- ‘Introduction to Life Drawing’ provides a great lead-in to the skill of Life Drawing, which is a basic tenet in enhanced artistic expression. Taking students from the very basics to slightly-more-advanced techniques, Visions will offer and experience of drawing from various types of Life Drawing maquettes and models, right up to drawing from a live model in the final few weeks. Find out more about the ‘Introduction to Life Drawing’ class here.

- although they are not classes as such, Visions is also considering the possibility of introducing Painting Nights to Cork City. Painting Nights are social evenings which are also an opportunity to explore creativity and imagination (wine, nibbles and lots of fun included!). Find out more about Painting Nights with Visions here.



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What is the Rate for Cork City Adult Art Classes?

Students attending Visions’ Cork City art classes will be required to book ahead for each twelve-week cycle. Each cycle is €204 for our regular (drawing and painting) twelve 2-hour classes. Fees are non-refundable in the case that you miss a class (or a few classes for some reason or other), unless the student in question can present a doctor’s certificate.

Cork City Adult Art Classes Further Links:

- to see paintings by Andrew Carroll, the sole tutor at Visions School of Art, click here

- to learn more about the artistic discipline of Life Drawing, click here

- to see Vision’s YouTube Channel, that includes free painting lessons, click here

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