Painting From Your Core

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‘Painting from your Core’ is an approach to developing personal imagery and expression through the medium of paint. While being extremely therapeutic, it does not entail analysing the work of participants (and thus participants themselves), and may not therefore be considered to be Art Therapy, in the classical sense of that term. What it IS, is an exploration of  a personal, expressive painting practice, as well as of the imaginative, authentic, emotional, creative and even playful self, all in a safe and encouraging environment. This approach is a deep and yet uncritical engagement with paint, the basic tenet of these Cork creative/expressive painting workshops.

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Cork Creative/Expressive Painting Workshops: Personal Imagery:

‘Painting from your Core’ can have creative, emotional, relational and even physical benefits, while being a highly enjoyable and profound endeavor. The imagery that can result from this approach can be some of the most powerful imagery available in artistic practice, though you do not need to have prior experience with painting to participate. The imaginal material that emerges in the course of painting is arrived at not through the intention of the painter, but through an unfettered approach to personal expression. In fact, those with a lot of painting experience will often have to ‘un-learn’ their developed, sophisticated techniques in order to enjoy fully the benefits of personal expression for the sake of it, and to yield the ‘fully-blown’ power of the imagery that can result.

Facilitating Cork Creative/Expressive Painting Workshops and Self-Exploration:

The workshops are guided and facilitated by Andrew Carroll, BA MA Visual Art (IADT Dun Laoghaire) Level 8 Group Arts Facilitation. Andrew has used his interest in depth psychology to inform his own visual arts practice for a number of years, and it is his own practical explorations of the methods and ideas in that field within his own work, that has led to him developing the ‘Painting from your Core’ workshops.

Cork Creative/Expressive Painting Introductory Workshops:

For the moment, Visions School of Art offers one-day or two-day workshops (usually on weekends), as introductions to ‘Painting From Your Core’. We will later establish weekly sessions as part of a 6-week or 10-week cycle of deeper exploration and practice. If you would like to attend one of our introductory workshops, please get in contact using the contact details that you will find here.


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