Cork Oil Painting Classes provided by Visions School of Art

Thursdays 2:30 – 4:30pm, 8-week course, EUR130.

at: Visions School of Art , Long’s Yard, Tower Street, Cork – see here for the next scheduled begin-date for this course.


Cork Oil Painting Classes for Adults at Visions School of Art:

Visions School of Art now provide Cork Oil Painting classes at out new classroom at Long’s Yard on Tower Street in Cork, on Thursday afternoons, 2:30-430pm. The lessons are taught through a demonstration-led method, where the tutor will not only instruct you on how to complete each step of an oil-painting, but will also DO the step in front of you, so that you will learn in a very real, embodied manner.

Cork Oil Painting Classes and How They Are Taught at Visions:

As with all of the other courses offered at Visions, our Cork Oil Painting classes will be taught in a learner-centred manner; this means that students will progress - in terms of skill and capability -  from where they are at the beginning of each session. This means that ANYONE can attend, whether a beginner or a more experienced painter looking to ‘brush up’ on their art-making through the medium of painting.

Andrew, the sole teacher at Visions, specialises in his own Visual Art Practice in Drawing and Painting, and has had paintings selected for inclusion in the Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition, as well as participating in several other shows, including his own solo exhibitions in 2011 and 2015.

Our Cork Oil Painting classes are  €130 per 8-week cycle.


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Cork Oil Painting Classes: Committing to The Process:

At Visions, we have the experience that adult learners often find it hard to re-enter what has been termed the ‘beginner’s mind’; in short, although they already may be proficient in another field, many times we find that beginners at our Cork painting classes experience a certain resistance in themselves around the process of learning to paint.

Learning to paint of course means that the first couple of paintings might not be wonderful, which is not always a comfortable point for learners. It means learning from mistakes, which are not really mistakes, but experiments, the ‘what would happen if I were to try THIS?’ aspects of honing a new craft. We have heard it said that even the Great Masters did not-so-great paintings at the beginning, and so your first few canvases are actually no indication of how far you can go or how much you can be taken by painting! During our Cork Oil Painting classes, finding one’s way through one’s own resistance to the process thus means realising that the first handful of paintings may not be wonderful, that the next number might be a bit better, and so on…and also making a commitment to  the process despite this potentially disagreeable fact, an engagement of 8 weeks at the very least. This period of time will afford you the opportunity to complete a painting and move on to the next, which is the minimum you will need to see development and find encouragement from discernible improvement.

Cork Oil Painting Classes: Oil, the Richest Painting Medium:

At these Cork Oil Painting classes, the lessons offered are in paints that use oil as a binder, usually Linseed Oil. Oil Paints are often held to be the richest painting medium, and they are loved for this reason. Because Oil Painting has a history and a tradition that is far older than, say, acrylics, new students are often daunted by Oil Painting, even though it is no different from any other painting medium, in terms of basic painting theory, which consists simply of understanding the constituent parts of paint – pigment, binder and solvent – and what the function of each part is. For this reason, Oil Painting is as easy as any other painting medium, once you understand it.

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