Cork Painting Days

Next Painting Day Saturday 18th of November 2017, 11am-5pm, EUR65

Cork Painting Workshops on Saturdays:

Our  Painting days are Cork Painting workshops, based at our studio-classroom at Granary House, Rutland Street, Cork. Each Painting Day takes place on a Saturday between 11am and 5pm. These workshops, because they are taught by demonstration, and take a learner-centred approach (taking each student from where they are in terms of experience and capability, and moving them on step-by-step from there), are suitable for complete beginners, as well as those with a bit more experience with painting.

Cork Painting Workshops Led by Demonstration:

Each workshop is themed to a specific aspect of painting, which could be a technique, material, medium or a principle of composition; the day begins with a demonstration of the specific aspect being covered at that workshop; after that, the tutor/facilitator checks in with students on an individual basis throughout the workshop, and may give a second demonstration if necessary, at some point later in the session. These Cork Painting workshops provide space and time for students to simply engage with painting, in addition to some instruction. There is also quite an informal atmosphere, with plenty of opportunity for tea/coffee breaks, and a chat with your fellow students or the tutor.

Each Painting Day is 65 Euros per person. Materials are provided for these Cork painting workshops. We take a break of 1 hour for lunch, and there are plenty of nice places to go for a bite near to the studio-classroom.

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Cork Painting Workshops: Our Tutor/Facilitator:

The tutor/facilitator for our Painting Days is Andrew Carroll. Andrew has a BA and MA in Visual Art (IADT Dun Laoghaire), as well as a Level 8 qualification in Group Arts Facilitaion. He has been selected to exhibit paintings on several occasions at the Royal Hibernian Academy Summer Exhibition, as well as other shows. Andrew has a keen interest in constantly updating his knowledge of painting and drawing techniques, materials and concepts, and employs this knowledge at these Cork painting workshops.

Our Next Painting Day:

Our next Painting Day will take place on Saturday November 24th 2015. There will be more of these Cork painting workshops in the new year, at a rate of 1 or 2 per month, each on a different aspect of painting. Keep an eye on the links below, to stay abreast of upcoming Painting Days:

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