Teaching Space for Rent

Visions School of Art Cork are currently looking to rent their classroom to other art/design/craft/creative educators (or anyone whose practice would work well alongside our own in the space) during the afternoons (1-5pm and 1pm-closing on Fridays) and Sundays all day. Our Cork teaching space is located on the top floor, Granary House, Rutland Street, Cork City. It is fully furnished-to-purpose, including shelving, three large table-islands, a tea station, a white-board, radio/speaker, etc.

Cork Teaching Space: Dimensions/Fixtures

Our Cork teaching space is 10 x 5 m approx. and has three windows which are South West facing. There are also 9 strip lights (at least) at any one time in the space, giving plenty of illumination. There is no wheelchair access to the space: this is out of our control, seeing as we are only one of many organisations renting in the building. Next door there are rooms occupied by start-up companies and artists, and so practitioners with loud activities (children’s dance classes, etc. would not be suited to using the space. There are three heaters currently available in our Cork teaching space, and the building is a former Granary building, which means that the walls are thick and that the room retains heat well.

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Cork Teaching Space: Compatibility

It is important to Visions School of Art that we rent  our Cork teaching space to practitioners whose offerings are compatible with out own within the space (need for similar furniture, arrangement of furniture and facilities, etc.). Dance-teaching practices – for example – may therefore not be suitable seeing as there is not as much open space in the classroom, as may be required for such activities.

Cork Teaching Space: Fees

We are currently looking for a fee of EUR200.00 per month for the afore-mentioned time-envelope: that is, 1pm-5pm weekdays (1pm – closing on Fridays) and Sundays all day. You may split the rent with another practitioner in order to share this envelope, but each and both of you must have personal indemnity insurance if you are operating as separate practices.

Cork Teaching Space: Contact

If you would be interested in renting our Cork teaching space, please email us at: and.carroll@gmail.com, or phone Andrew at: 087 1499615


Here below see a video example of Vision’s School of Art’s practice:



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