“Everyone is an Artist”

- Josef Beuys

The above quote from the renowned German artist has been interpreted in at least a couple of ways, but at Visions we contend that what Beuys meant was that everybody has their own type of creativity, applied to a specific form of work or occupation, whether that be teaching, accounting, computing, tailoring, etc.Though their basic nature is to be creative, people often find that inspiration is not forthcoming, and almost as often they then give up, procrastinate, make avoidances with regards the project-at-hand.

The Mandala is a Buddhist symbol, but also features as an archetype in every culture and at all points in history, for example in the Rose Window featured in many Gothic Churches in Europe. The Mandala has a huge amount to teach us about our role as creative beings participating in creative processes, whatever those operations or activities may be. It is particularly relevant to the notion of creative initiative (useful when inspiration is not upcoming) and how this can ‘get the ball rolling’ to kick-start the creative process; not only that, but the symbol of the Mandala is also highly relevant to creative flow, in other words ‘keeping the ball rolling’ during the course of a project.

In this workshop, the facilitator will firstly introduce participants to the symbol itself and then guide them through a series of exercises where they will experience in a practical way the truth behind the symbolism and theories of this approach.

Please contact Andrew at Visions to inquire about the next dates that this workshop will be running, or simply phone or drop a line to ask any questions that you may have about the workshop. This workshop is also available to organisations that would like to have it delivered to their staff – again, do not hesitate to get in contact with further inquiries should you be interested in this option.