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Visions Dublin

Dublin Adult Art Classes

Visions School of Art holds a number of Dublin adult Art classes (at the Lantern Centre, Synge St. in D8). You can drop in to attend a class at any time – no need to book ahead! For the moment, classes are for adults, but Visions will soon be offering courses for young people as well. Dublin adult Art classes range from Still Life Drawing Classes to Instructed Life Drawing, as well as a variety of other courses – see current list below. All classes are taught by Andrew Carroll BA MA Visual Art, an experienced Visual Artist and Art Teacher. Visions is particularly involved with the development of basic art skills, particularly drawing and painting.

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Dublin Adult Art Classes : a Learner-Centered Approach

Visions uses a “learner-centered” (also known as ‘differenciated learning’) approach with regards to how our Dublin adult Art classes are taught. This means that in each session, the teacher will take you – as an individual – from your level of capability and skills at the beginning of each class. You will then be helped to progress from that point. This is a realistic and highly effective way of learning, in that that you will not be expected to advance in comparison to the level or ability of other students in the class. Instead you will begin where you are at yourself and proceed from there. This makes the process of learning all the more enjoyable. As well as this, it makes learning from pressures that one might find in another education environments.


Dublin Adult Art Classes on Offer:

Visions currently holds two weekly Dublin adult Art classes; these are:

  • a ‘Drawing in Colour’ Class –                     (see page: www.artclass.ie/drawing-in-colour-dublin)
  • a general Painting Class –                   (see page: www.artclass.ie/painting-class-dublin)

In the near future, Visions will also offer the following classes:

  • a Portfolio Preparation course –           (usually for entry into Art School - see page:                                                                                 www.artclass.ie/portfolio-preparation-dublin)

The school will eventually also offer photography courses. Please hover the cursor over the “Art Classes” tab above to view information on individual classes.

The Teacher

Andrew Carroll has a first-class honours BA and  an MA in Visual Art from IADT Dun Laoghaire, as well as a Level 8 qualification in Group Facilitation Through the Arts (C.I.T. Cork). He has also studied Architecture at D.I.T. Bolton St and has a Diploma in Interior Design.

Underpainting Video Part 1

To view the website for Andrew’s personal Art practice, please follow the following link: www.andrewcarrollsart.blogspot.com.

You can also join his Art-Skills Meetup group at: www.meetup.com/art-skills. There, you can join a the Dublin Art Skills Meetup group for free, and receive free notification of upcoming workshops and classes by email. Please click on the following link to view Contact Details for Andrew – please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions you might have about classes or workshops.