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Cork Acrylic Painting Classes provided by Visions School of Art

Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm (‘Painting in Acrylics 1′ – for beginners – and ‘Painting Space’ – for those a bit more experienced at painting), 8-week course, EUR130.

at: Visions School of Art , Long’s Yard, Tower Street, Cork – see here for the next scheduled begin-date for this course.

At Visions, we have the experience that adult learners often find it hard to re-enter what has been termed the ‘beginner’s mind’; in short, although they already may be proficient in another field, many times we find that beginners at our Cork painting classes experience a certain resistence in themselves around the process of learning to paint.

Learning to paint of course means that the first couple of paintings might not be wonderful, which is not always a comfortable point for learners. It means learning from mistakes, which are not really mistakes, but experiments, the ‘what would happen if I were to try THIS?’ aspects of honing a new craft. We have heard it said that even the Great Masters did not-so-great paintings at the beginning, and so your first few canvases are actually no indication of how far you can go or how much you can be taken by painting! During our Cork painting classes, finding one’s way through one’s own resistence to the process thus means realising that the first handful of paintings may not be wonderful, that the next number might be a bit better, and so on…and also making a commitment to to the process despite this potentially disagreeable fact, an engagement of 12 weeks at the very least. This period of time will afford you the opportunity to complete a painting and move on to the next, which is the minimum you will need to see development and find encouragement from discernible improvement.

At these Cork painting classes, the lessons offered are in the medium of acrylic, often held to be the most versatile painting medium. It is also – without a doubt – the most vivid one (colours in Acrylic are often the most intense).

Cork Painting Classes and How They Are Taught at Visions:

As with all of the other courses offered at Visions, painting classes will be taught in a learner-centered manner; this means that students will progress - in terms of skill and capability -  from where they are at at the beginning of each session. This means that ANYONE can attend, whether a beginner or a more experienced painter looking to ‘brush up’ on their art-making through the medium of painting.

Andrew, the sole teacher at Visions, specialises in his own Visual Art Practice in Drawing and Painting, and has had paintings selected for inclusion in the Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition, as well as participating in several other shows, including his own solo exhibitions in 2011 and 2015.

Our Cork painting classes are  €130 per 8-week cycle.


Cork Painting Classes: Free Introductions by Video:

Please watch the following free video lessons before coming along to your first class:

Acrylic Video 1: Making a ‘Stay Wet’ Palette for Acrylic Painting

Building a ‘Stay Wet Palette’ for Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Video 2: Basic Acrylic Technique:

Basic Acrylic Painting Technique

You can also find here following a link to my Youtube channel, where you will find your first complete lesson for free; the title of the lesson is “Underpainting”, and it is given in 4 segments (Underpainting 1-4); please also take this first video lesson (40 mins. approx in total) before attending your first painting class:

Acrylic Video 3: Underpainting (40 Mins. in 4 parts):

The Visions Youtube Channel


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The Space Tourist by Andrew Carroll



Cork Painting Classes Materials List:

The following is a full materials list for the Cork Painting Classes: Materials_List_Acrylics

If you don’t manage to get all of the materials before your first class, any extra materials you need will be provided for you during that lesson. If you would like to attend Cork Painting Classes at Visions please email Andrew to book or for further information: contact information is here.

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Visions Dublin

Dublin Adult Art Classes

Visions School of Art holds a number of Dublin adult Art classes (at the Lantern Centre, Synge St. in D8). You can drop in to attend a class at any time – no need to book ahead! For the moment, classes are for adults, but Visions will soon be offering courses for young people as well. Dublin adult Art classes range from Still Life Drawing Classes to Instructed Life Drawing, as well as a variety of other courses – see current list below. All classes are taught by Andrew Carroll BA MA Visual Art, an experienced Visual Artist and Art Teacher. Visions is particularly involved with the development of basic art skills, particularly drawing and painting.

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Dublin Adult Art Classes : a Learner-Centered Approach

Visions uses a “learner-centered” (also known as ‘differenciated learning’) approach with regards to how our Dublin adult Art classes are taught. This means that in each session, the teacher will take you – as an individual – from your level of capability and skills at the beginning of each class. You will then be helped to progress from that point. This is a realistic and highly effective way of learning, in that that you will not be expected to advance in comparison to the level or ability of other students in the class. Instead you will begin where you are at yourself and proceed from there. This makes the process of learning all the more enjoyable. As well as this, it makes learning from pressures that one might find in another education environments.


Dublin Adult Art Classes on Offer:

Visions currently holds two weekly Dublin adult Art classes; these are:

  • a ‘Drawing in Colour’ Class –                     (see page: www.artclass.ie/drawing-in-colour-dublin)
  • a general Painting Class –                   (see page: www.artclass.ie/painting-class-dublin)

In the near future, Visions will also offer the following classes:

  • a Portfolio Preparation course –           (usually for entry into Art School - see page:                                                                                 www.artclass.ie/portfolio-preparation-dublin)

The school will eventually also offer photography courses. Please hover the cursor over the “Art Classes” tab above to view information on individual classes.

The Teacher

Andrew Carroll has a first-class honours BA and  an MA in Visual Art from IADT Dun Laoghaire, as well as a Level 8 qualification in Group Facilitation Through the Arts (C.I.T. Cork). He has also studied Architecture at D.I.T. Bolton St and has a Diploma in Interior Design.

Underpainting Video Part 1

To view the website for Andrew’s personal Art practice, please follow the following link: www.andrewcarrollsart.blogspot.com.

You can also join his Art-Skills Meetup group at: www.meetup.com/art-skills. There, you can join a the Dublin Art Skills Meetup group for free, and receive free notification of upcoming workshops and classes by email. Please click on the following link to view Contact Details for Andrew – please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions you might have about classes or workshops.